"Alien Orchid"
"Cosmos Bee"
"Hypnotic Yellow Rose"
"Floating Orchids"
"Gardenia Perfecta"
"Gardenia Divine"
"Magnolia Raindrop"
"Amaryllis detail"
"Malibu Daisy"
"Perfect Peony"
"Night Goddess"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
"Night Angel"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
"Night Trio"
(Night Blooming Cereus)
Purple Cone Flower
"Pink Perfection"
"Waves of Pinkness"
Yellow Gerber Daisy
Pink Gerber Daisy
"Pink Trillium"
Spider Orchid
"Into the hibiscus"
"Alice's Wonderland"
"No Vacancy"
"It's a small world"
"Pink Goddess"
Pink Dogwood
"Delicate Perfection"
"Four Night Blooming Cereus"
"Tulips on Fire!"
"Twin Most Beautiful Orchids"
"Psychedelic Orchid"
"Perfect Purple Orchid"
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"Beauty spiral"
"Cosmic Cana"
"Daffodil Hill"
Lace cap hydrangea
"Tulip on Fire"
Tuber rose
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"Exotic Liliys"
"Sam's Sunflower"
Stretched canvas print framed.
Stretched canvas print
And mushrooms too!
The title of this page speaks for itself!  I love growing and photographing flowers and plants of all kinds.  Yes, I do grow a lot of my own
subject matter here, and my favorite and most unique is the Night Blooming Cereus.  Every time this plant blooms it is an event!  As a
gardener and photographer, I believe in photographing the flower while it is growing on the plant.  I feel the complete and total beauty of
the flower is "rooted" in its host plant and the earth which I feel translates to film an "energy" if you will that is lost in cutting the flower and
moving it to a studio.  I hope you love the color and vibrancy of these photos as much as I do!  Thank you so much for visiting.
"American Beauty"
"Peeking Pansies"
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'The Colors of Spring"
"I Love Tulips!"
"Pink Dogwood Flower"
"Spring Apple Blossoms"
"Spring Bloom"
"Shroom Caps"
"Bird of Paradise"
"On a rotting log"
Coral Fungi
'Early Morning Rose"
'Perfection in Peach"