"Cleveland Tiger"
"Cleveland Cheetah"
"It's a pug's life"
"Dinner time"
Cleveland Zoo
"Ex-circus bear"
Cleveland Zoo
"Gulf gull in flight"
Gulf Shores, Alabama
"Gracie one &                                       two"
Cleveland Zoo
"Laughing Camel"
Cleveland Zoo
"Say ahhh"
Linus and Lucy
"Mama Kitty's cleaning"
"My what big eyes you have"
"Newborn Dalmatian"
Akron, Ohio Zoo
"Storefront kitty'
Cleveland Zoo
"Sad goldfish'
"Three weeks cute"
"Paired for life"
"Zipper and the butterfly"
"Zipper being herself"
"Taiwan egret"
"You got that right!"
"Mama Kitty"
"Molly & Darby"
"Blazer & Zipper"
"Laughing Donkey"
Red Tail Hawk
above and below
"Happy Blowfish"
Your pet(s) are part of your family so why not get just as good of photos of them as you do for yourself?  Animals of all
kinds seem to love me as much as I love them and therefore enjoy posing for me!  There is hardly any "pet" I have not
lived with at one time or another be it a dog, cat, horse, bird, reptile (all of them!) or even scorpions and tarantulas!  I
have infinite patience in which to calm them and photograph them and as you can see, the results speak for themselves.
All rights reserved.  All photos copyright Kurt Shaffer
Perigrine Falcon
"Black & Goldfish"
"Two Goldfish"
Yellow Angelfish
The seven dogs above were photographed at a benefit for the Cleveland Animal Protective League
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"The Messenger"
"Soaring Hawk"
"Yeah, I'm lookin' at you
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"Gold Coy"
"Gold Coy #2"
"Gold Coy #3"