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Within this website you will find gallery pages of both my fine art and commercial photography.  
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Home Page right now, but you can navigate anywhere you like by clicking on the
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My fine art stock photographs include a wide range of nature; landscape; abstract; weather;
animals (domestic, wild and zoo); Cleveland, Ohio cityscapes and images that are difficult to define,
or  "
Uncategorical!"  There are also Christmas and holiday-themed photos which make great
greeting cards, something I offer for you on a completely custom basis for home personal and/or
business use.  So whether your need is for personal, advertising or commercial use, I can provide
the print, card or digital file download you want.

The commercial side of my career includes portraits (all ages and pets); weddings; parties;
corporate events; products; plus home and business interiors.

The photographs contained within this website are a fraction of what is in my vast inventory of
stock so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask me and I may just have exactly
what you are looking for.

Thank you again
so much for visiting and please return soon as I do regularly make changes.

The Photography of Kurt Shaffer Photographs commercial and fine art
Gallery showing of my work at
Kevin Stefani Design Group Studio,
Rocky River, Ohio
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